A few Digtial firsts for Ireland

Easons virtual bookshop connolly station Ireland

Roughly one year ago I wrote about how Tesco used a virtual store in a subway to access busy commuters in Seoul on their way to work. This week I was delighted to see Easons open Ireland’s first virtual bookstore in Dublin’s Connolly station based on the same concept.
Between now and Christmas, commuters there, can scan QR codes at this store using their smartphones, which will direct them to an online store where they can pre-order or buy their selected books.
Eason’s  virtual bookshop has also been integrated with Facebook so customers can share their purchases and recommendations with their friends on the social network site. Heres a QR code to bring you to their Facebook page. QR Code Easons Facebook page


Another first this week was the launch of the country’s first Facebook Social Reader by the Irish Times. It claims to bring “the best of The Irish Times and Facebook together, the Social Reader makes it a whole lot easier for you and your friends to exchange the quality news, in-depth analysis and diverse opinion that The Irish Times delivers on a daily basis.” The reader can be found on the right hand side of the irishtimes.com webpages.

Irish Times Facebook reader www.irishtimes.com


As you can see from the image, it includes 2 feeds: one which shows your friends reads and recommendations and a second which shows yours. The ‘sharing’ button is a clever inclusion, allowing the reader to decide which stories they wish to share, or not….
Great to see two Irish brands making use of and keeping up with the technology available worldwide. Wishing success to both!


Engaging features to promote brands on Social Networks

Twitter brand engagement nielsenTwitter has partnered with Nielsen to provide advertisers with data by surveying users on campaign impact. Users will receive a tweet similar to a Promoted Tweet asking them to fill out a survey, within the tweet, about the brand and campaign.This service is currently being offered to a “small number” of unnamed advertisers with a planned roll out in Quarter 1, 2013. Nielsen will analyse the data gathered and provide advertisers on users’ purchase intent and brand awareness.

Twitter’s vice president for brand strategy Joel Lunenfeld, says: “This is a native experience for the user, and we believe it will give brands better insights to determine purchase intent, overall awareness, and other advertising metrics and analytics that can lead to greater engagement on Twitter.”

Meanwhile LinkedIn have introduced an influencer tool for use within LinkedIn. Early additions to the influencers list includeLinkedIn Mitt Romney Barrack Obama Influencers Richard Brandon, Caterina Fake, President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney. Users can now choose to follow influencer’s posts within the networking site without having a direct connection to that person. The content can then be shared or commented on, increasing the reach of the influencer and increasing the connections of a particular user.

LinkedIn Company pages

Other recent changes on LinkedIn can be seen with the introduction of Company pages whereby businesses now have more ways to reach and and engage with consumers; brand networkers can also now feature particular updates within their streams, highlighting these new updates, products or services and promoting to users. A slideshow of Companies making the most of this new feature can be seen on the LinkedIn blog.

These new additions to the social space should change the way brands engage through social.

Guinness uses QR Codes to update your Social Media

Agency BBDO have created the first product activated QR Code QR Codes, Guinness, Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquareand all round dynamic social media experience when having a pint of the black stuff. To get people talking about Guinness, they distributed these ‘QR Cups’ around bars. As you can see, the QR codes don’t work when empty or with ordinary beer.

When you fill the glass with Guinness however it completes the code. Scanning this QR code with your smartphone and it gives you options to tweet about your pint, check you in on 4square, update your Facebook status, download coupons and promotions, launch exclusive Guinness content and can even invite your mates along for a nice pint of Guinness.

Pint of Guinness, the black stuff, social media, 4square, QR Code, QR Cup

Guinness + Social Media = lots of buzz.


Who cares about Klout?

Klout klout score social influence tips on klout increasing influence Your Klout score is a measure of your online influence. When you create, recommend and share content it impacts others. Klout score measures that influence on a scale of 1 to 100. Didn’t know Klout existed? Not signed-up for it? Doesn’t matter. If you have a Facebook or a Twtitter account, then you have a score and you can find out what it is here. (There is of course an opt out option on the site.)

Klout Perk Audi A8 Calvin Lee But so what? Maybe it’s not that big of a deal this side of the water right now but Seth Stevenson reports on how things stateside are a little bit different. For example, Calvin Lee who is a graphic designer in LA with a Klout score of 74, has received Klout perks (benefits) ranging from a freebie Windows phone to the loan of an Audi A8. Virgin Atlantic used it a campaign a couple of years ago by giving free flights to key influencers.

There is a flip side however. In his article, Stevenson relays the tale of a job hunting marketeer.  Despite having 15 years experience working with big brands, he found his interview cut short when he admitted to not knowing what his Klout score was and the interviewer subsequently pulled his rather low score up on screen. The poor guy spent a number of months building his score up after that. As his score rose, so too did the number of job offers. Coincidental?

A few weeks ago, Klout started rolling out their new Brand Squadswith Red Bull as its launch partner. By turning a brand into a topic, Klout is expanding brand promotions into engaging, trackable metrics for the social crowd. The top influencers are users who have the most +K’s in a specific topic, rather than those who have the highest overall Klout score. Top influencers will naturally receive Klout perks.

So after all that, maybe you still dont care? Well if you do and you want to build up that score, here are some quick pointers:
Klout score social influence
  • Link up all your networks
  • Tweet often about your areas of interest.
  • Focus on one or two topics rather than all of them. Tweeting about all them wont help your score
  • Engage with influencers – retweet their tweets, like their posts and comment on their blogs. If they return the favour, then this will push up your Kout.
  • See a popular topic online? Then tweet about it, share it, comment on it. You could like or share this post for example 🙂


Using Pinterest for sales

I have come across two very different (and interesting) approaches today on howwww.pin2sell.com Clique Pinterest to use Pinterest to make sales. The first comes from a Chicago based digital design and marketing agency called Clique who are promoting www.pin2sell.com with the following line

“Pin2Sell.com allows anyone with a PayPal account to create purchasable products and post them directly on Pinterest. The service is 100% free.”

Pintersts’ Terms of Service however ask users not to “Use the Service for any commercial purpose or the benefit of any third party, except as otherwise explicitly permitted for you by Pinterest or in any manner not permitted by the Terms” but maybe they have permission? It will be interesting to see how it plays out.


In a very different approach, New York based startup, Nearly Newlywed, will let women all over the US rent designer gowns and wedding dresses for a fraction of the cost. Using Pinterst, owner Jacqueline Courtney, offers personal shopping consultations to brides to be. From browsing through a woman’s Bridal Board, they will make recommendations to the Bride to be on Pinterest. It’s a really clever way to engage through the Social Media Platform without breaking any of the rules. Plus with 97% of the Pinterest population made up of women it provides great access to the right demographic. With access to top designers like Oscar de la Renta Carlina Herrera and Vera Wang this is sure to be a hit with women who want the look but don’t want to necessarily pay full price. Check out the website to find out exactly how it works.

Nearly Newlyweds Pinterest Oscar de la Renta Vera Wang

Let me know your thoughts on these or other interesting ways you have seen Pinterest used for sales