A few Digtial firsts for Ireland

Easons virtual bookshop connolly station Ireland

Roughly one year ago I wrote about how Tesco used a virtual store in a subway to access busy commuters in Seoul on their way to work. This week I was delighted to see Easons open Ireland’s first virtual bookstore in Dublin’s Connolly station based on the same concept.
Between now and Christmas, commuters there, can scan QR codes at this store using their smartphones, which will direct them to an online store where they can pre-order or buy their selected books.
Eason’s  virtual bookshop has also been integrated with Facebook so customers can share their purchases and recommendations with their friends on the social network site. Heres a QR code to bring you to their Facebook page. QR Code Easons Facebook page


Another first this week was the launch of the country’s first Facebook Social Reader by the Irish Times. It claims to bring “the best of The Irish Times and Facebook together, the Social Reader makes it a whole lot easier for you and your friends to exchange the quality news, in-depth analysis and diverse opinion that The Irish Times delivers on a daily basis.” The reader can be found on the right hand side of the irishtimes.com webpages.

Irish Times Facebook reader www.irishtimes.com


As you can see from the image, it includes 2 feeds: one which shows your friends reads and recommendations and a second which shows yours. The ‘sharing’ button is a clever inclusion, allowing the reader to decide which stories they wish to share, or not….
Great to see two Irish brands making use of and keeping up with the technology available worldwide. Wishing success to both!


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